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We are situated in the heart of West Yorkshire in the town of Batley. Established in 1980 by the current proprietor Mr. Allen Padgett. As a family run business we have grown over the years and not only can we supply you with any of the New Kawasaki range of superb motorcycles, but we can provide you with, if needed, any new motorcycle that you require.

Our stock of secondhand machines is quite extensive and very competitively priced as you will see you as you look through our Web Site.

In our store we are fully stocked with all the latest in motorcycle clothing and accessories. We carry all the leading brand names and if we do not have it in stock that is not a problem as it can easily be ordered for you.

The parts department is well stocked also, and again if we do not have the specific item that you require we can order online through our dealer net service and it will be with you in a day or so.

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